SA CPA Society Leadership

You can count on us for responsible leadership. A volunteer board of directors, elected by the membership, governs the San Antonio CPA Society and CE Foundation. Annual elections are held in January, with new officers and directors assuming their leadership roles on June 1. Twenty-two members represent the San Antonio CPA Society by serving on the TXCPA Board of Directors. Of the current delegates, seven former TXCPA presidents and chairs serve as directors for life; 12 members are elected by the membership to serve as TXCPA Directors; and one member has been elected by the TXCPA to serve as director at large.

Current SA CPA Society Board of Directors

 Position Name
President Priscilla Soto
President-elect Mike Meurin
Secretary/Treasurer Marina Polanco
Vice President Bryan Edwards
Vice President Susan Valdez
Vice President Ruth Olivares
Director Jennifer Cadena
Director Jeremy Crow
Director Joe Guerra
Director David Higginbotham
Director Laura Lieck
Director Eric Mack
Director Judi Molina
Director Gerald Muchando
Director Courtney Nevill
Director Nancy Ozuna
Director Ann Pena
Director Josh Wagner
Immediate Past President Arturo Machado

Current TXCPA directors representing the San Antonio CPA Society

 Position Name Phone
Director 2017-2020 Chuck Clark (210) 222-8054
Director 2017-2020 Randy Vogel (210) 341-9400
Director 2018-2021 Lynn Kupper (210) 906-8844
Director 2018-2021 Mike Meurin (210) 648-8461
Director 2018-2021 Martha Perez (210) 829-6025
Director 2019-2021 Ruth Olivares (210) 733-6611
Director 2019-2022 Melanie Geist (210) 829-1793
Director 2019-2022 Arturo Machado (210) 384-8000
Director 2019-2022 Gerald Muchando (325) 320-1268
Director 2019-2022 Marshall Pitman (210) 458-5230
Director 2019-2022 Marina Polanco (210) 696-5177
Chapter President Priscilla Soto (806) 441-0925
Director at Large 2019-21 Blaise Bender (210) 824-1184
TXCPA Exec Bd Treasurer-elect Edie Cogdell (210) 829-6027
TXCPA Exec Bd Secretary Mark Goldman (210) 826-8000

Directors – Past Society Presidents & Chairmen

 Position Name Phone
Director/TXCPA Past Chairman Ed Polansky (210) 602-1042
Director/TXCPA Past Chairman Bob McAdams (210) 352-7066
Director/TXCPA Past President Dan Hanke (210) 342-0900
Director/TXCPA Past President Melanie Thompson (830) 372-6096
Director/TXCPA Past President Pat Wilson (210) 691-3009
Director/TXCPA Past Chairman Fred Timmons (210) 696-5177
Director/TXCPA Past Chairman Jim Oliver (210) 536-3200


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