Renewable June 1 of each year payable directly to TXCPA. Membership in the TXCPA is mandatory for TXCPA-SA members. Go to to learn more and join today!

Category TXCPA Chapter Total
New Texas CPAs certified in 2020 (expiration date varies) Free Free Free
Current/returning/reinstated CPAs; International Affiliates $295 $110 $405
Unemployed CPA members $90 $35 $125
CPAs holding retired license with the State Board $90 $35 $125
Lifetime members (prior to 5/31/15), honorary fellows, members granted waivers Waived Waived Waived
40-year members (on or after 5/31/15) $90 $35 $125
Students (as of 3/1/2020) Free Free Free
Candidates/Non-CPA Employee Affiliates/Academic Affiliates $90 $35 $125


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