Nominations for SACPAS 2018-2019 Officers & Board of Directors announced

Nominations for SACPAS 2018-2019 Officers & Board of Directors announced

Report from the 2017-2018 SACPAS Nominations Committee

In accordance with Article VII of the By-laws of the San Antonio Chapter of the Texas Society of Certified Public Accountants, the Nominating Committee submits the following nominees for officers and directors for the year beginning June 1, 2018.

Election of the Board and TXCPA directors will be held during the January 19, 2018, Annual Membershp Meeting at the Norris Conference Center at Park North.

Members of the Nominations Committee are Chuck Clark, chair; Jan Beverley; Joe Guerra; Susan Hough; and Randy Vogel; and Renee Foshee, ex oficio.

Respectfully submitted,

Kathleen Dvorak, CPA
2017-2018 Secretary/Treasurer

2018-2019 SA CPA Society Board of Directors Nominees (term expiration date):

President Arturo Machado May 2019
President-elect  Priscilla Soto May 2019
Secretary/Treasurer Mike Meurin May 2019
Vice President  Steven Cannon May 2019
 Vice President  Gerald Muchando May 2019
Vice President  Marina Polanco  May 2019
Immediate Past President  Renee Foshee   May 2019
Director  Jeremy Crow  May 2020
Director  Bryan Edwards  May 2020
Director  Bethany Eggleston May 2020
Director  Laura Lieck  May 2020
Director  Chad Fisher May 2019
Director  Joe Guerra May 2020
Director   Eric Mack May 2019
Director  Nancy Ozuna  May 2019
Director  Ann Pena  May 2019
Director  Susan Valdez  May 2019

Previously elected to continuing term (term expiration date):

Director Annette Goodson  May 2019
 Director  Ruth Menchaca   May 2020

Nominees to TXCPA Board of Directors elected by the Chapter (term expiration date):

Director  Renee Foshee (May 2021)
Director  Lynn Kupper (May 2021)
Director  Mike Meurin (May 2021)
Director  Martha Perez (May 2021)

Chapter members elected as TXCPA Directors by TXCPA (term expiration date):

Chapter President  Arturo Machado (May 2019)

Previously elected to continuing terms as TXCPA Directors (term expiration date):

Director  Kathleen Dvorak (May 2019)
Director  Chad Fisher (May 2019)
Director  Melanie Geist (May 2019)
Director  Mark Goldman (May 2019)
Director  Marshall Pitman (May 2019)
Director  Charles (Chuck) Clark (May 2020)
Director  Jay (Randy) Vogel (May 2020)

Chapter members nominated by TXCPA (term expiration date):

TXCPA Director-at-Large  Priscilla Soto (May 2019)
TXCPA Director-at-Large  Edith Cogdell (May 2021)
TXCPA Past Chairman for Life  Jim Oliver