The New Normal: TXCPA-SA Member Jeremy Crow, CPA

The New Normal: TXCPA-SA Member Jeremy Crow, CPA

Jeremy Crow, CPA, in work-from-home mode

Your TXCPA-SA Chapter is reaching out to your colleagues – CPAs, CPA candidates, student members and affiliates – to learn how you all are coping with the new normal brought on by COVID-19.

TXCPA-SA member Jeremy Crow, CPA, a Financial Services Professional with New York Life, offered the following information about his new normal.

Are you currently working from home, in your office solo or in the normal pre-COVID-19 arrangement? Working from home, having online Zoom meetings for client introductions and appointments.  We also have daily Zoom check-in’s with the team and partners.

How many people did you work with normally? Has that changed? I primarily work alone, with the support of a Sr. Partner and an administrative team.  Our entire office is working remotely.  This has actually increased our ability to reach more clients, without travel time and expense.

What was a typical day like before “Stay Home, Work Safe”? I would take my kids to school and then drive to San Antonio for a coffee meeting with a client or prospect.  Then I would go to the office for training and administrative work.  In the afternoon I would schedule appointments and work on case preparation and be home at around 6 pm.

What is your typical day like now? I start the day with a jog, then breakfast with my kids.  Then I attend a Zoom call (wearing my button shirt and tie) with my team at 8:15 to start the day.  Then I make calls and attend Zoom meetings in the morning with clients or prospects.  At noon I travel downstairs and have lunch with my family and then back upstairs to attend a Zoom group call at 12:30. In the afternoon I attend training sessions, continue phone calls, and appointments.  We end the work day with a 6 pm check-in with the team to celebrate wins.  I commute back downstairs to have dinner with my family at 6:30 pm.  After my kids go to bed, I will complete more training or CPE.  Building a successful business in this environment is hard work but being more involved with my family makes it a lot more fun!

Can you share a small or big success story or silver lining that you didn’t expect? I have been able to connect with many more people outside of our local area by utilizing video-conferencing.  It’s more acceptable for people to jump on a Zoom call, and I don’t have to spend hours driving across Texas to meet someone face to face.

How about something that hasn’t worked out quite as well as you’d hoped? I’ve had some group Zoom events that haven’t been well attended.  What I’ve learned from this is to be more proactive about sending invitations.  Now that everything is done online, it has become more important to schedule things out.

Any words of wisdom for your fellow accounting types? The best advice I’ll share is that we have a choice about how we see our circumstances.  We could say that this is horrible and the whole world is shut down.  Or we can see the tremendous opportunities.  There are so many opportunities to be more connected to your clients and your family.  There are also more opportunities to expand into new markets and truly leverage social media to expand our businesses.

What are you most grateful for now? I’ve been able to reduce driving time and have lunch with my family every day.

What do you miss the most? I miss having coffee with people.

We all do, Jeremy. Hang in there, everybody!