The New Normal: TXCPA-SA Student Member Kyana Gayden

The New Normal: TXCPA-SA Student Member Kyana Gayden

Your TXCPA-SA Chapter is reaching out to your colleagues – CPAs, CPA candidates, student members and affiliates – to learn how you all are coping with the new normal brought on by COVID-19.

TXCPA-SA member Kyana Gayden, a junior at University of the Incarnate Word majoring in accounting and international business, offered the following information about her new normal.

Are you currently working/studying from home, in your office solo or in the normal pre-COVID-19 arrangement? Studying from home. I was doing work/study with UIW’s Feik School of Pharmacy (which has been put on hold during the COVID-19 pandemic).

How many people did you work/study with normally? My (live) classes usually have 10-20 students each.

What was a typical day like before “Stay Home, Work Safe”? I was pretty busy before all of this. If I wasn’t rushing from work to class, I was going from class to class. This is my first semester taking 18 credit hours and I also work about 20 hours a week. I also have responsibilities for some of the organizations that I am a part of. My day would usually start around 10 am, and I usually wouldn’t get home until nighttime. If I did finish my day early, I was making an effort to go to the gym a couple of times a week.

What is your typical day like now?  These days, I certainly have a lot more free time, and my sleep schedule has definitely been thrown off. I still have a lot of school work, but I am not working anymore. I set aside a few hours each day dedicated to getting school work done, but after that the rest of my day is more or less free time.

Can you share a small or big success story or silver lining that you didn’t expect? My family has started scheduling weekly video calls to check in with each other, so now once a week I get to talk to my aunts, uncles, cousins and grandparents.

Has there been a small or big not-so-successful happening? Before all of this, I was going to the gym and meal-prepping, but that has all gone out the window.

Any words of wisdom for your fellow accounting types?  I want to encourage everyone to see staying at home as an opportunity. This is a chance to spend more time with your family, start a new hobby, try a new recipe or read the books that have been collecting dust on your shelf. I personally have been doing some yoga and trying out new hair and make-up styles.

What are you most grateful for now? I am grateful that my family has been able to remain safe through all of this. Some of them are considered essential workers and are still going out. I am also grateful for all of the essential workers like hospital staff, grocery store workers, and delivery drivers who are putting themselves at risk to help keep society functioning.

What do you miss the most? Being able to socialize. One of the main reason I like in-person classes at university is because I have the chance to talk with my friends, classmates and professors. Believe it or not, I had plans to spend the summer in China. Looks like most of my time will be here in San Antonio.

Love the video check-ins with family! This may be what we remember most from this experience – the connections with family and friends that grew stronger despite social distancing.