SACPAS volunteers put the "fun" in Funlympics

by Amanda Talaat | Aug 07, 2017
Funlympics leaders Rebecca Lorenz and Steven Cannon

Funlympics co-chair Rebecca Lorenz &
chair Steven Cannon

For the 34th year, a dedicated group of highly organized volunteers hosted hundreds of Bexar County children, their chaperones and an army of helpers -- all in the name of Funlympics.

Held this year on Saturday, August 5, at Boysville in Converse, Funlympics provided a half-day of games and friendly competition followed by a cookout and distribution of backpacks filled with school supplies.

Thanks to everyone who supported Funlympics with time, energy, financial assistance or any of the small tasks that go into putting on this huge event!

To see what all the fun was about, click here.


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